Are You Google-Able?

Activity: Human Graph- 30 min

  • Do you believe that having an online presence is critical for you? For your students? If so, how do you develop that within the context of your professional life, and for students, within the context of your school's climate and culture.
  • Within your school, have you had the conversations necessary to understand digital reputation and presence with all members of your school community?
  • Should students publish online? Should schools help students create a positive digital record? What if students don't want to publish their creations?
  • What spaces have you created that are safe for students to explore their creative and critical interests? When does that space become permeable?
  • Should contributions be local first, and global second? Can you encourage publishing if you are not living that yourself?
  • Has your school district developed the necessary policy to support student publishing?
  • Have you protected your digital identity by reserving your domain name, and accounts on Facebook and Twitter? What about your school?