RSS: Aggregation Setting Up YOUR "Milk Man"

As we discussed in class, trying to "keep up" with all the information available to you is exhausting, frustrating, and near impossible. You must have a solid "find and filter" system in place, and your first step is setting up a way for YOUR relevant and releiable content can be delvered to you in real time.
In this assignment, you will be exploring the concept of “Really Simple Syndication.” They magic is the SIMPLE part. In a few short steps, you will be ready to have the information you choose, the blogs you like, and the new content delevered to you in one neat package; your own milkbox!

The first step is for you to select an RSS reader. Several of the more popular ones are:

Each of the above are free. If you already have a Google or Yahoo account, no additional sign-up is needed. The RSS reader is the place you will go to read the posts from all of your favorite blogs.
Google Reader is my RSS reader of choice. This short video provides an overview.

The next step is to start subscribing to the blogs you like. When you visit one of these blogs, look for an orange icon with white arcs. Clicking that icon will allow you to “subscribe” to the blog. From then on, whenever the author posts new content, it will automatically show up in your RSS reader.

You are now ready to enjoy reading and learning information from all of your different blogs! It’s just that easy. Each day, or as often as you like, visit your RSS reader to automatically see the new material.