Hello Learners,

Preparing for this Institute has been an exciting experience for us—full of innovative ideas, collaborative practices, and dynamic questions about new literacies. We have organized the presentation materials, resources, and activities we will engage in on the wiki.

We will be using this wiki resource to guide us as we move through whole group, small group and independent conversations and exercises. All the materials will be available for you to take back to your school and students.
  • Presenter Blog and BioFind out more about Angela and Stay Connected
  • Presentation Slide Decks All presentations are under Creative Commons Licensing with some rights reserved.
  • Resources: A list of helpful resources related to this presentation - please feel free to add more!
  • Participant NotesPlease feel free to post your notes here on the wiki so that we can all benefit from your thinking
  • Our Community This is not only our directory of members; it is a tools to identify skills, expertise, resources, and connections in the collective group. Just add your name, area of expertise, and contact info to the template.

In preparation for our action-packed day, please take a minute to look over the agenda and post any burning questions or ideas you have for making the day even more productive here: BURNING QUESTIONS


9 - 9:30 Welcome and Introductions

The Story of Our Name
Then & Now
Filling our Dance Cards

9:30 - 10:30 Welcome to the New Literacy Club - The Changing Rules of the Literacy

Presentation Notes and Resources

10:30- 45 Break

10:45- 11:30 - NEW ABC’s: Access-Behaviors-Contribution


Whole Group: Presentation Notes and Resources
Small Group/Independent Practice:

11:30- 12:30 -LUNCH

12:30 - 2:00 THE NEW ABC’s: Access-Behaviors-Contribution


Whole Group: Who do you TO BE when you grow up??
Small Group/Independent Practice:

2-2:15 BREAK

2:15- 3:30 THE NEW ABC’s: Access-Behaviors-Contribution


Whole Group Exercise: Presentation Notes and Resources
Exercise: A Question of Contribution
Small Group/Independent Practice:

3:30-4:00 Reflection and Resources