Tech Comfy, Not Tech Savvy

Learning Forward, 2012

Welcome to the Conversation Friends,

I am so thrilled to be in the conversation with you.

Like you, I am a child of literacy. I have reveled in reading and writing for the past two decades. I have been transported by poetry; I have been enriched by clever and complex arguments; I have been entertained, touched, moved, and even enraged by the writings of great people; I have shared my thoughts with friends and recorded ideas for my future grandchildren.

My passion and energy for our work comes from our belief that literacy transforms lives. I believe that our educational system must be transformed to meet the new demands of literacy in a digitally enabled and globally-connected world. These emerging technologies play a critical role in changing and defining what it means to be literate.

Literacy as we know it and teach it; is not enough. There is a new grammar and a new literacy that students must understand and embrace in order access to the information, inspiration, and opportunities the world and web hold. You are central to this change process.

Our students need teachers, leaders, policy makers and community stakeholders to be actively involved in creating new visions and pathways for literacy, learning and living.

This resource was created to support the conversations and practices necessary to make literacy a right and privilege for all. Together we will explore and expand the possibilites of literacy the context of the digital age. Guided by these essential questions:

what it means to :

There are no exact answers or experts here. There are many schools of thoughts and viewpoints represented throughout the wiki, and we welcome them all. Please use this as a space your share your own emerging understandings along the way. I am eager to continue this ongoing conversation and venture as we work through and seek answers to these exciting and provocative questions.

Here are some initial thoughts to ignite your curiosity and help guide your reflections and comments.

We are Smarter Together.