Digitized with full formatting, the seventeen million books in the Library of Congress contain about 136 terabytes of information; five exabytes of information is equivalent in size to the information contained in 37,000 new libraries the size of the Library of Congress book collections.”

In an extraordinarily short period of time we have moved from scarcity to ubiquity. The result has been unprecedented information access. It has also become not just overwhelming but debilitating.

Too. Much. Information.
Or, to be more accurate: Too. Little. Synthesis.

The challenge of literacy isn’t our ability to crank out more stuff, it’s our inability to process it, to interpret it, and to make any use of it. In the early days of the Internet which now seem quaint in terms of information availability, the metaphor was “drinking from a fire hose.”

Aggregation (Digital Curation)

"In an age where information is increasingly available to all in overwhelming quantities, filtering and making such information useful is a hugely important task. To aggregate simple means to gather together into a single place and, alongside the ability to search data, aggregation has become one of the most fundamental of all digital ideas."

50 Digital Ideas by Tom Chatfield